An era of cascading progress with lightening pace began to transform the stagnancy and dullness into a golden legacy, ungraspable yet well imaginable since February1995,whose powerful thrust will carry us far in the stream of scholarly pursuit and intellectual vigor.

"Well this is the end of perfect day, near the end of journey too, but it leaves a thought that is big and strong, with a wish that is kind and true."

We have finally reached the end of our time together so the past, present and the future are at a pinnacle for us—the class of 2000.

Now we have three assets, a glorious past, dashing present and a promising future. Past encourages us, present confers upon us a series of memorable wins, future just like a dream of a poet announces the break of rosy dawn. We are going to scattered to the four corners of the world with a promise that our paths will diverge but not our hearts……………………

Let us then be up and doing,

With a heart for any fate,

Still achieving, still pursuing,

Learn to labor & to wait."

Where ever we have gone, what ever we have learnt, whom ever we have had the honor to be taught during our time at Faculty of pharmacy, we have

"A firm faith is the best divinity;

A good life, the best philosophy;

A clear conscience, the best law;

Honesty, the best policy;


Temperance, the best physic."

Let us make the most of it and explore the multiple possibilities and shining hues of our carrier spectrum, so that the world should be all praised for our holy crusade against death and diseases.

All of us solemnly declare that we will exert an utmost effort to cleans the human world of debris of mass killing diseases and we will become a heralds of new epoch where neither one will be physically infected nor spiritually corrupt. May the Supreme divine agency helps us to full fill this oath written in our hearts and souls………………………………… we are

Class of 2000

…a harbinger of love and fraternity.


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